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Masahiko Kimura vs Helio Gracie

The Kimura Lock is known in Judo as the Reverse Ude-Garami. It was only recently called the Kimura after Masahiko Kimura defeated Helio Gracie with it. The story of their battles jumps back half a century in Mixed Martial Arts history. In 1949, Mr. Kimura was considered to be one of the best Judoka to […]

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Stuck in the Kimura Lockdown?

I know I have been. Back in ADCC 2009, I had ADCC World Champion Andre Galvao shoot a single leg on me in the final minute of the match. I was losing 2-0 and just needed one score to tie it up. I used the Kimura Trap and put him on his back, but he […]

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The Kimura Trap is Dead

The Kimura Trap System is almost 2 years old now and as all old things it has passed away. I have many great memories about the Kimura Trap System: Teaching KTS seminars from coast to coast and interacting face to face with many wonderful people Seeing my fighters and others from across the world use […]

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Welcome to Kimura Lock!

Kimura Lock is the new destination for getting the very latest news and developments on the Kimura Trap System. What is the Kimura Trap System? The Kimura Trap System was developed by yours truly over the course of years of endless drilling, experimentation, and application in search of the ultimate submission system. After carefully analyzing […]

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