Kimura Lock – The Kimura Trap System for MMA & BJJ
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I’m Sorry. Can we still be friends?

It has been a long time since I have put up something new about the Kimura Trap System. No excuses. My bad. I got my memory jogged the other day by a wonderful man…

kts-phil-davisPhil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis

Back in 2013, I had the pleasure of training Phil in the Kimura Trap System for about 3 months out in San Diego. It is no surprise to me how often he gets Kimuras in his fights. Heck, he was already great at them before I showed him KTS. I saw his fight last weekend with King Mo, where he nearly finished a great Kimura. That reminded me why I started this in the first place.

It made me realize how many people can be benefiting from learning the Kimura Trap System, even at the highest levels of the sport.

Every time I watch a UFC I get frustrated. I am a Fight Pass subscriber, so I see many fights online these days where fighters are missing fight-ending opportunities by their ignorance of the Kimura Trap System.

While it has become very popular in grappling circles, with guys like Keenan Cornelius tapping out Lucas Leite and Dean Lister using KTS, it still hasn’t picked up in MMA.

Since 2012, I have sold plenty of DVD’s to many happy customers. But, I have had people tell me that they really wanted to get KTS, but just couldn’t afford it. Even with a 30 day refund policy, they just couldn’t do it.

If you are one of these people, I have some exciting news for you…

I will be Offering The Kimura Trap System at a 50% Discount!

 Why now?

I want the Kimura Trap System to go mainstream in the MMA and Grappling world. I figure if I make it easier for people to get access to the real deal, I can make this happen faster. Since KTS is now available with online streaming, I think this deal will make it even easier for people to get KTS in their game immediately.

For how long?

I honestly don’t know. I was about to go to bed around 1am, and this just struck me. Once I get an idea like this it is hard for me to sleep on it. So I have been putting this together spur of the moment. I really haven’t thought this through too much, lol, so I would take advantage of this while it is up.

How do I get it and what does it come with?

Just click the button below to get started. You will get the DVD set and instant online access to the KTS videos along with the mind map, KTS eBook, and about 30 minutes of bonus techniques from KTS 2.0. And yes, the 30 day refund still applies.

kimura trap order

So, does that make getting KTS a no-brainer or what?

I hope so. Now I am going to bed, lol!

Believe and Achieve,

David Avellan