Kimura Lock – The Kimura Trap System for MMA & BJJ
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Stuck in the Kimura Lockdown?

I know I have been.

Back in ADCC 2009, I had ADCC World Champion Andre Galvao shoot a single leg on me in the final minute of the match. I was losing 2-0 and just needed one score to tie it up.

I used the Kimura Trap and put him on his back, but he quickly bounced up to his knees. I made the transition to the Kimura Lockdown and he quickly locked his hands.

I worked hard to break his grip, but he wasn’t going to break. I nearly swept him, but he somehow manage to stay balanced as I brought him completely vertical.

I started thinking on how I could finish this, and that is when I realized I was stuck.

Back then, I hadn’t drilled the rolling arm bar much so it didn’t occur to me. But even that was risky since he was well prepared for it.

What I should have done is take his back!

In this video you will learn an excellent back take from the Kimura Lockdown that your opponent will be nearly helpless to stop. It is a great way to move out of the Kimura Lockdown when all other options have been exhausted.


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