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Kimura Lock

Kimura Lock is the new destination for getting the very latest news and developments on the Kimura Trap System.

What is the Kimura Trap System?

The Kimura Trap System was developed by yours truly over the course of years of endless drilling, experimentation, and application in search of the ultimate submission system. After carefully analyzing all of the possible submissions in Mixed Martial Arts, I came to the conclusion that the Kimura lock was the best.


Because it is a submission that can be done from nearly every position possible. Standing, on your back, from on top, inside the guard, half guard, side mount, back mount, kesa-gatame, north south…you name a position and I will show you how you can do a Kimura lock.

This was very appealing to me, because I wanted to be a specialist in a submission that can be applied from many positions. This way, no matter where my opponent is I will be able to use my strongest techniques.

So I brain dumped everything I knew about the Kimura lock on to a mind map, and began to create connections. Over the years, I continued to expand my knowledge about the Kimura lock and my mind map grew outward like a spider web. Everything started to connect seamlessly. Kimura to back mount, to arm bar, to kimura, to inverted triangle choke? Piece of cake!

Everything started with the Kimura lock, and this is what lead to the name “Kimura Trap.” Many people don’t realize that the Kimura lock is not only a submission – it is a devastatingly powerful control position that can lead to many other submissions, sweeps, take downs, and guard passes.

I taught the Kimura Trap System to my students, and the results were astounding. First, I saw students Kimura Trapping each other at the gym – even catching me in it! It didn’t matter that they were big or small, weak or strong, flexible or stiff – ANYONE can make a figure four Kimura lock and use the Kimura Trap System. What was more impressive was tournament results. My students were winning there matches with Kimura Traps in impressive fashion.

I knew then that I was on to something that would revolutionize the MMA world. I first launched the 6-DVD Kimura Trap System (click here to get it now) back in August 2012. After only 3 days, I sold out! Since then, I have restocked my warehouse and have made it available online.

Even though it has been years since the Kimura Trap System was released, it is an ongoing revolution! I have made many updates since the DVD set was completed, which is why I decided to make this website. I will be posting updates on this blog with videos and pictures. I also invite you to submit your Kimura Trap videos (click here to submit a video) and be featured on this site.

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